Gellerman Orthodontics Review

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Jul 12, 2019 | Posted by J.L.

Walking in all I could remember was my orthodontics experience at 12 was like scene from Jurassic Park meets Little Shop Of Horrors.
But Dr Gellerman's office... it was like kid Nirvana!
What an amazing first time experience at the orthodontist! It felt more like a party than a dental appointment. We were welcomed and made comfortable, EVERYTHING was explained to us in language we could each understand.
Dr Gellerman was down to earth and honest about the treatment path. Karen our dental coordinator was top notch! The office, the staff, the whole vibe was upbeat and made my son relaxed enough to get spacers placed on our visit! Needless to say we signed up for phase one pre-orthodontics and have embarked on the road to a beautiful new smile! Highly recommend.